Talent Tribe has identified the situation where talented workers are getting lots and lots of requests, emails and LinkedIn invitations until they become partly irrelevant, and attacks this issue from a new angle: instead of focusing on recruiting – the main thing is rather the organizational culture.

Talent Tribe is actually a new and refreshing way to upgrade your career. With friendly Facebook and Tinder features being transported to the somewhat alienated world of job searching.

Talent Tribe allows a potential worker to browse and getting to know the agenda, culture and personality of each company. Whenever a user marks a certain company as a place he would like to work in - a connection is being formed. All that without a single word about job search or recruitment.

We offered Talent-Tribe a tailor-made process that included ideation, creating the app itself and defining a fresh and accurate brand identity that combines tribal elements together with innovative style, as being expressed in the product's design. The result: job search version 2.0