Whether it’s developing software, cyber, embedded solutions or automatic testing and DevOps, we have the know-how and experience to develop, orchestrate and implement the right technologies that bring ideas and final products to life.


Our extensive experience enables us to provide software development solutions in various methodologies: Turn-Key projects, managed services and partnership with your R&D team. We proudly serve wide spectrum of customers from large international technology companies and Governments up to any innovative Startups. we have the know how of tailoring solutions to your needs using various technologies: Mobile, Web, Client-side, Servers/cloud, management and automation.


Testing automation and DevOps are more than just buying the right tool. Organizations taking step towards automation often stumble at one of many stages of automation. We provide a full cycle service including identifying the automation need, Evaluating the tools, taking a "make or buy" and ROI decision, training, deployment of the tool and creation of automation framework based on our OperA solution. NGSoft is your partner for any automation need!


Our experts focus on delivering Cyber security solutions tailor made to your business application. We analyze the threat, test the vulnerability and accordingly develop the right security suite for your system. NGsoft is constantly seeking to be up to date with the most advanced security threats and solutions.


NGSoft has a unique specialty with delivering integrated solutions of real-time and offline systems. Our core capabilities include: BSP and boot loaders, drivers and interfaces, microcontrollers, Linux embedded and windows internals.